The Purpose of Backwash In Our Day To Day Life

Backwash London is a simple procedure that involves the elimination of dirt accumulated swimming pool, especially the filter bed. When dirt starts accumulating in the filter bed of the swimming pool, there is a resistance to flow, which increases and causes reduced water discharge. If the flow is insufficient, water circulation will not improve. The pool, in that case, has to be cleaned, and the filter too. This process is known as backwash.

Backwash Rate and Details

The accurate backwash London rate for higher-rate sand filters will remain the same as it was in case of a filter cycle. A filter cycle is commonly applied to pool filter to increase its efficiency and functions. In case of rapid-rate sand filters, average backwash rate is about 12 to 15 gpm/square foot of the filter area.

Steps Involved in Backwashing a Pool Filter

  • The pump has to be turned off (Do not change the control values of the filter when the pump is running)
  • The control valve has to be turned to backwash position
  • Turn on the pump and let it run until effluent amount of water has been cleared. This could take 5 minutes
  • Switch off the pump and turn the valve to rinse mode
  • Turn on the pump for about 30 seconds. This will reset the sand bed, which will sand dirt residue into the line of waste instead of the pool
  • Turn off the pump once again and get the valve back to its normal filter position. This will resume the filter cycle

If there are any issues, get it checked by a technician.